Joel’s Stuff

Engineering, Math, Programming, Politics

My Projects & Blogs

  • My personal blog: engineering, math, programming, politics &c., &c..
  • My long-delayed Master’s thesis in EE Control Systems, and the associated Optimal Control blog.
  • The xpeek package for LaTeX, generalizing the idea behind xspace. It is also intended to illustrate package writing for expl3.
  • An Emacs minor mode, smart-tabs-mode, which lets you “indent with tabs, align with spaces!” (None of the code is mine, but I created the repository and maintain it.)
  • A fun project: The U.S. Constitution with amendments represented as patches. (’Ware upstream rebasing on this repo; also, Git behaves oddly when told a commit happened in 1789.)
  • I have a fork of hoc, the “Higher Order Calculator” from The Unix Programming Environment by Kernighan & Pike, using modern C techniques.
  • All my GitHub repositories are available here.